Blocking our servers to carry out a transaction in WooCommerce

I connected my website to WalkCommerce for credit payments, the payments are made by a separate plugin of my clearing company. When I try to make a transaction, the result is that the transaction is made through the clearing company, but their add-on fails to update WooCommerce that the transaction has been made, so the transaction is set to: Awaiting payment.
When checking the log file from my website, they write to me:

It is blocked by Cloudflare - it requires CAPTCHA.
Server to server requests cannot pass a captcha check, you must exclude our server addresses from this check.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could write to me how I can exclude their server address from this Cloudflare check in order to complete the WooCommerce transaction.

Ask them for their IP address range(s) and set a rule to skip any challenges for them here…

Thanks for the comment. The link you wrote did not open, I got a 404 | error We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

Sorry, shoud be

Thanks for the comment. I got their IP address, how do you recommend creating the rule as required that it won’t block?

Best way, so as not to over-allow things, is to find where their IP has been challenged in your security events…

That will tell you why it was challenged and then you can set the rule to skip only the feature(s) that block it.

Thanks for the comment. I get the error again. 404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

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Sorry again, not sure why my copy/paste links are going screwy and missing the zone…

Thank you! I will have to look for the exact date for this event. Or try again the operation of the purchase and then try to understand what the problem was that it was blocked. Isn’t it recommended to give free access only to the IP address of the company I’m clearing without starting to investigate why it was blocked?

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