Blocking of my utility bills so I cannot pay

What’s the point? I have been blocked from paying my utility bills since I arrived in Italy. Not happy, because I am an Australian, and this system appeared on my computer on arrival in Italy. Don’t like it and don"t want it. It appears that there is no way to remove this system, so I am in trouble paying my bills on time.

Could you show a screenshot of the error you see?

Here is part of it

(Attachment Attention Required! _ Cloudflare.html is missing)

Here is what I can copy. In the blank space there is a white cross in a red circle

(Attachment Attention Required! _ Cloudflare.pdf is missing)

Cannot send a jpg image for some reason. What a lousy system this is. I want the application removed from my computer now. I did no ask for it and it is destroying my ability to pay my bills. Why can’t I talk to Cloudflare directly instead of talking to some other group?

I don’t know what is preventing you from uploading a screenshot.

Without you providing any more details (the error message, for example), I can only guess that your utility company is blocking access from outside Australia, using Clozdflare’s firewall.

If that is the case, you need to contact your utility company for a solution.


That is a limitation on new members, you can now.

What system is that? Can you try from a mobile device?

What are you saying? I would like to opt out of Cloudflare. I understand that my hotel has it, and my use of its Wi-Fi is the cause of the blockage. I joined because I was trying to find out what the problem was. Thus union me please

That was a setting that I changed, @tonyjstevenson can upload now.

@tonyjstevenson can you share that detail?

I don’t think :point_up: is the case. Rather this is :point_down:

But, the screenshot will tell us more…

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I have had enough. I am giving up on this crazy system. I want out.