Blocking my IP addresses, display issues

I am having display issues on my website because of the DNS… Apparently Ezoics IPs that I use are being blocked. Bluehost said they cannot troubleshoot the problem because my DNS is pointing cloudflare instead of them… They’re saying that I need to contact Cloudflare tech support to resolve the issue. I have a list IPs address that need to be whitelisted in order to get my site back online. Please help me resolve the issue!



Your domain is not proxied, hence points straight to your host, which is also where that suspension comes from. Cloudflare is not involved here at all, except for DNS. You need to talk to your host.

Double check if your DNS records are correct, but that’s also something you need to check with your host.

When you say my domain is not proxied, what does that mean? My original host is with Bluehost but had to move my DSN to Ezoic… to get ads on my site. Both are giving me the runaround and aren’t providing any solutions. Is there something I can do on my own to fix the problem?

The proxied status is not really relevant at this point as you first need to figure out the issue with your host. Contact your host and clarify which IP addresses you need to have and then configure those on Cloudflare. As long as the addresses are wrong or your host has suspended you you won’t get that to run.

I am afraid you can only talk to your host at this point, Cloudflare is the wrong place to ask as they are not involved at all.

I’ll contact them again. Thanks for your help!

They should check your domain’s addresses and tell you the correct ones if necessary or fix their server.

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