Blocking ISP's subnet

Greetings. Our clients (ISP P.A.K.T LLC , ASN: 39087, who use ip addresses from subnet (which announced to and cannot get access to

Example of an error message:

“Error 1007 Ray ID: 69c6c2f11cb484bc • 2021-10-11 08:36:34 UTC
Access denied
What happened?
The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (”

Check was made using ip addresses such as,,,, Due to results we come to a conclusion that the whole subnet is blocked.

From our other subnets (,,,,, such problems are not occured.

We would like to figure out why this subnet is being blocked inasmuch as we got this subnet from DepoDataCenter 05.27.2020 and it was launched for our clients since 11.6.2020. If in this subnet any suspicious activity took place we are interested in solving and to response urgently in such situations now and further to minimize discomfort for our clients and Your resources.

We asking about to provide us with details/reasons restricting access for our clients to this ( recource.

We are looking to hearing from You.

Best regards,


This is something only the website owner (Fitbit) can tell you. This is something not the community nor Cloudflare can manage or override website owner’s settings.


One resource’s blocking the whole subnet with such error message? Doubt it, sorrry, need to check

My explanation still applies:

I’m not working for Fitbit, and I’m also not working for Cloudflare. Even the intention of the website owner to block your IPs and subnets is not known to anyone including Cloudflare. It’s best to email Fitbit support and ask them to lift up the security settings for you.

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