Blocking IP in Time Period


I am able to block specific referral sites but if that user opens my site in a new tab they are able to access.

How can I block ip for a time period who caught on firewall.

Exp: My firewall rule (http.referer contains “seo”)
User referer:
User IP

I want to block this ip for 1 hour if even doesnt trigger a firewall rule.

I am not really sury if i understand what you’re trying to archieve. You want to block this referrer with exactly this IP for an hour even if this freeseo thing doesn’t hit your page? If you have issues with freeseo block them completely. :thinking:

There’s no option to schedule firewall rules. But you May want to code something in your own using the API.

I don’t want to schedule firewall rule I just want to block all ip addresses coming from specific referral websites. In another explanation, I want to block all ip addresses who sees Error 1020 page.

I can’t think of an easy way to do this. Maybe you could use a Cloudflare Worker but you’d have to write it.

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