Blocking ip adress, not found 403

Hello we have problem with blocking ip adress,, , we have problem with blocking and after says problem code 403 server. Please how unblocking this ip adress?I get this ip adres to security-waf-tools and this problem persists. Thanks


Sorry, I’m not sure if I fully understand the ask here.

Just to clarify are you a website owner with your site on Cloudflare, and you are seeing visitors to your website from these IPs,, being blocked with a HTTP 403 response?

Or are you visiting a website on Cloudflare that you do not own, from those IPs and seeing yourself getting blocked?

If its the first one, you can use Security Events to Filter by those IP’s to look and see why this is being blocked - Security Events · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs

You can then use Skip custom rules to bypass the service that is blocking them - Configure a custom rule with the Skip action · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs

Hope this helps!

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