Blocking Invalid Traffic

Hi there,

I have just been contacted by Ezoic and they said they have noticed a significant amount of non-human traffic to my site. They asked me to contact my host (Bluehost) to identify and block the invalid traffic.

I contacted Bluehost and they said I needed to go through Cloudflare. I am a complete newb when it comes to tech and I have no idea how to identify and block invalid traffic.

Any help greatly appreciated!

yes you can easily block invalid traffic on your website
follow the steps below -

login to your dashboard and go to the firewall section and then click on bots.

and enable the BOT fight mode option, and then your work is done!

if you are using WordPress then I will also recommend u to use wordfence plugin as it also blocks malicious IPs from accessing your website.

Let me know if it helped. :smile:

Botfight mode isn’t the solution.

In fact it will block and hurt your earning and it won’t stop your invalid traffic, just some plus hurt visitors and good bots, don’t believe kook it up here and see what mvps think of it and asking for updates for 12 months plus like a whitelist. Bot management costs thousands to do properly.

Use the search functions here, look up invalid traffic, so many great rules you can set and threads plus ddos guides, many maps done some great posts, sadly this is an on going fight forever.

Asn blocks, HTTP versions, browser versions just a tip.

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Thank you so much! I have never had such an easy solution for a tech problem on my site as this…

I have Wordfence plugin installed on my site as well. Will this help with what you suggested above?

yes! of course, thank you that you found my solution helpful

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