Blocking each country with one entry in the firewall

hello is it possible to immediately block every country? Do you have to make entries in the firewall from scratch.

instead ( eq “IN”) or ( eq “TH”) /// e.g ( eq “ALL”)

or something like that

There’s no ‘block every country’ but you could block based on:

( eq "IN") or ( ne "IN")

Obviously the country-code doesn’t matter as you’re saying block everyone in IN and everyone not in IN (therefore block the whole world).

Another possible solution would be to block:

( ne "T1")

which would be block everyone except those using Tor (again this is the whole world geographcially but would let those using Tor have access).

It’s an unusual requirement though so maybe this is in XY problem. If you describe your underlying issue you may get some other more commonplace suggestions.

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