Blocking direct IP access using Cloudflare

I am very new to Cloudflare and I have one question about disabling direct access through IP to my website. I know that CDN is not some privacy service, but when I, for example, search for’s IP and then paste it into my URI I get the following page: ( ) with an Error 1003. What is using so that I can’t reach their website through direct IP? Do they edit their own website in some way or is it some service provided by Cloudflare that I don’t know about? Also can I manage my Cloudflare in such a way so that any access to my website (e.g. connecting throught SSH) will be managed only through Cloudflare (using WAF maybe)?

It’s not their IP, it’s Cloudflare’s proxy ip. Accessing websites directly is denied by Cloudflare.

To restrict access to your own IP you have to make use of either:

  • Cloudflare’s Argo Tunnel
  • a hardware firewall in front of your server
  • a software firewall on your origin

Or all together :wink:


Thank you! I have searched my own server (through my domain) and got Cloudflare proxy’s IP with the same Error 1003 page.

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