Blocking country doesn't seem to work

Since yesterday I get a lot of scripts from India accessing my site skewing my Analytics data cuz I wanna see how many real people i got, not bots.
So i tried putting WAF Firewall rule, country equals India block - but it does nothing, also tried managed challenge, same thing, numbers from India are still going up in Google Analytics?
Doesn’t make much sense…

I know Cloudflare sees those Ip’s cuz I can see them in Activity last 24hr tab under firewall rules but it obviously doesn’t block them…

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You have Managed Challenge not Block
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 12.28.52 PM

I did not go through the audit log in detail but do not see that it was previously set to block. shows the challenge for India is working. Can you flip it to block so we can test again?

I did, it didn’t do nothing, numbers from India went up, so I change it to managed challenge and even legacy Captcha. Also changed “equals” to “is in”, same thing…
It’s back to blocked now.

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I am getting the block when I test in India and getting through from other countries as expected.

If you are still seeing bots get through, try turning on bot fight mode in Security → Bots. If still encountering issues, adjust security level from Medium to High (Security → Settings).

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I don’t see any now. I’m guessing they didn’t use ordinary web browsers but some sort of specialised software that managed to get through. I have no ide why anyone would do it either.
Ok, I’ll keep block for a day or two and see if it happens again.

Update - I see one from India now in Google Analytics

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There’s a peak from yesterday(direct traffic) and there’s one visitor from India right now.
India is blocked so I don’t know how’s that possible…

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GA is showing one from India or you’re seeing traffic from India in the cf dash?

It they are getting through the current settings, you can try to block by ip, ASN or user agent. IP they will work around quickly.

GA is showing one from India or you’re seeing traffic from India in the cf dash?

I posted picture from GA, I don’t know can you see it.
I’m not sure how it’s possible that someone from country that I blocked can visit my site?

I know but I only have 5 firewall rules and they vary by many IP addresses and ASN…


5 users from India right now, India is blocked
Something’s not working

I have the same problem and I’ve been struggling for months, Cloudflare blocking countries thing is a big lie , Please let me know if you find a solution.


if you want , you can block it using india’s autonomous system numbers
(AS num), Find and block all AS numbers in india

Is it possible that the India traffic is going direct to the IP address of your web server rather than them doing a DNS lookup and going via Cloudflare? If they are going direct to the web server, then that would be why you are seeing them turn up in GA.

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