Blocking country doesn’t seem to work(again)

Once again I got large amounts of direct traffic from India. Also I had to turn off my AdSense cuz I got much more clicks(from India) than usual.
Blocking by country doesn’t seem to stop it, I’m sure it stops normal users from India but it doesn’t this type of traffic.
Any solution?


On picture taken from Google Analytics you can see currently 5 users from India even though India is blocked and unnatural peak in traffic from yesterday.

Country blocking is not 100% accurate. You’ll have to track down where those requests are coming from, and block that ASN, IP range, or whatever you feel comfortable with blocking.

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You could add a worker that reverse proxies your content and verifies the ip against a third party geoip
database. Would add some ms of delay but that’s as good as it gets if the CF db isn’t fully accurate.

There is no thing such as fully accurate geolocation, you can only take strong guesses and assume that sometimes those guesses won’t be accurate.
Google isn’t the source of truth either and it could happen that its them who are wrong but obviously they won’t accept that response on their service :person_shrugging:

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Nor is Google’s country reporting.

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