Blocking countries via cloudflare

Hello friends,
I have several questions regarding setting up cloudflare. I hope I’m not creating any unnecessary topics.

I want to start using cloudflare paid plan $20 per month. I have several questions. Can I block countries on higher level than htaccess and with more accuracy? Is my website more secure using cloudflare? Does the ttfb become slower when using cloudflare. Because I read often that cloudflare slows down website by having too slow ttfb. Because at this point my htaccess rules don’t seem to work. I also have wp rocket installed on my website. Is it possible to request help for a fee when setting up cloudflare so everything would run smooth? If somebody could check if all settinngs are in place.

Looking forward to your answers :slight_smile:
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Create a firewall rule to block countries! To learn more visit

You really don’t need a paid plan to do most of what you want. Even a free plan can block countries. (see below for two ways a Firewall Rule can do this)

More secure? Yes.

TTFB? On DYNAMIC requests, but the cached requests more than make up for that TTFB speed loss.

There are people on fiverr and upwork who help with Cloudflare, but there’s no guarantee of quality. You’re welcome to ask for more assistance as you progress through settings for your site.


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