Blocking Continent Using Firewall Rule

I’m looking to block the continent Asia using a firewall rule. I’m familiar with the steps, however I would like to know if anyone can confirm that it works properly. (I’ve read some older posts where some where saying it was buggy a couple years ago on the free plan)

Also, what countries does Cloudflare specifically include as part of Asia?

Thanks in advance.

Should do the trick.

I’m aware of the steps thanks. My question was what countries does that include, and can you confirm that blocking continents works properly bug-free?

Have you tried it? What are you concerns? As long as the IP address is properly assigned in Maxmind that should work without issues, just as country evaluations do. As for countries, these will be the traditional Asian countries, probably without the Asian Russian part.

Assuming that Cloudflare do not change from the data from MaxMind, the listing is available here:

The only difference that I am aware of is the fake continent of Tor, T1.

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Either that list is not up-to-date or Cloudflare adjusted it, as TR, for example, is assigned AS.

But it probably is relatively straightforward, Asia - Wikipedia

The only difference that I am aware of is the fake continent of Tor, T1.

I wonder if CloudFlare can use IP2Location. It has no weird continent like Tor etc.

OP Update - Thanks, everyone for the tips and ideas on this. I went ahead and enabled a continent block on ‘Asia’, and can confirm it seems to be working properly.

For future reference to anyone interested, here’s a link to countries considered as part of Asia:

I’m not sure what list Cloudflare specifically uses, but that should be a good guideline for others.

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