Blocking Cloudflare IPs in Russia


A lot of Cloudflare’s IPs are blocked by “Roskomnadzor” in Russia. Our website is not available for this reason that caused to disable proxying by Cloudflare. We would like to continue using services of Cloudflare. As described in article we want try to use IP from the Business plan pool. Before purchasing this plan we would like to check if ip is blocked. Could you give several examples of IPs from the Business plan pool?
By the way, whether using the Pro plan cause reducing the number of IPs that my domain shares with other?

Regards, Daler Akhmetov

This is most likely a question best directly for support. They should be able to provide Business IP ranges as well. However, even if you get an unblocked IP there always is the chance that it will still get blocked, so you should also clarify the options to have IP addresses changed before you sign up.

thank you

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