Blocking bots that shouldn't, happened when I run speed test which it doesn't

happened when I run speed test [failed due to firewall issue] which it doesn’t happen to my other domain under cloudflare.

My websites do not install any firewall plugins, both runs the same system with the same plugins.

but my affected domain - IWB seems blocking some good bots, even from cloudflares. but other domain dont have this issue. Please help.

This is 2nd time I approached this issue, bots are getting error 403 error of cloudflares, it seems blocking cloudflare’s own bots, search engines’. This is confirmed by me as I temporarily turn off cloudflare and everything works fine. When I turn it back on, the error of 403 happens again. Please check it!!!
Its not my origin server nor my firewall of my site[nor do I have one]. Its cloudflare’s issue! Cloudfloure speed test also blocked by its own security/firewall. when I ‘paused cldouflare on the site’, it worked again. Please please fix it because I certainly don’t know how. Turn off the bot protection didn’t fix the issue.

I’m sorry to hear about your issue. It seems like your Cloudflare settings might be blocking the bots. Please check your Firewall settings and ensure that no Bot Fight Modes are enabled. In the “Firewall” section, look for a “Bots” subsection and verify the settings there. Also, check your Cloudflare firewall event logs to see if there are any specific blocking incidents. If these suggestions don’t help, please provide a bit more information about your current settings, so that we can assist you further.

I have already turned of the bot protection featured and checked firewall setting, but the issue still remained unsolved. Let me know what info do you need, but if cloudflare support can take a deeper look at my setting on investmentwatchblog, that would be great. it has been very annoying.

It seems turning off the bot protections and needs to wait a while before the effect kicks in. Its working for now. You can close the ticket. but the sensitive of the bot should scale back a little. you don’t want to block your own bots or search enginies .