Blocking Bots from Amazon AWS Data Center/Web Hosting

I am constantly being flooded by bots from Amazon AWS Data Center/Web Hosting, and I keep blocking the IP addresses with Cloudflare IP Access Rules. Am I correct in assuming that all the bots originating from Amazon AWS Data Center/Web Hosting are just mining my website for content? Or do people somehow route through AWS and visit my site? If all the traffic from AWS is bots, is there any way to block all the traffic from AWS? I know I can block Amazon AS16509 and AS14618, but I’m afraid I might also block actual users.

Personally, my company does have some full tunnel VPN through AWS, so not all traffic is bots. You can increase the amount of challenges for AWS ASN, which can help fight bots.

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Yes, I have seen some websites being heavily scraped by AWS in the past days, likely to train big ML models.

They are verified bots as well, I believe you can block them by just checking if the UA contains amazon on them.

Thanks for the replies. I have decided to Challenge the ASN using IP Access Rules, but I was wondering if is better to create a custom rule or use IP Access Rules?

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