Blocking ASNs not working

I have a list of ASNs from which a scrapper is operating. I have put an interactive challenge for these ASNs as shown below:

Now, when I see the events corresponding to this rule, I can see that the IPs from these ASNs are being challenged i.e. the rule is working. However, at the same time, I also see the requests from the EXACT SAME ASNs going through with a 200 status.
In simple words, the rule for challenging the ASNs list is working only partially, which is really troublesome.

If I activate an interactive challenge for everyone except the known-bots, then the requests don’t go through. This further validates that the problem is with the way cloudflare is blocking the requests.

Can someone please help me in case I missed something?

image of unblocked traffic from the same ASNs that Cloudflare should challenge:

Image showing that the rules are partially working:

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