Blocking ASN on IP Access Rules not working

I put so many ASN number from datacenter/hosting company with “block” action and “All websites in account,” but seem not working, I still can see the traffic from those ASN’s IP on my Wordpress visitor log. Some can be blocked and some can’t.

They will be connecting directly to your server, in which case any Cloudflare setting certainly can’t fire. Make sure only Cloudflare can connect to your server. The IP addresses are at is from (AS49505). I have blocked the ASN since yesterday.

I already put the A & CNAME records right. “Make sure only Cloudflare can connect to your server.” How can I do this?

I use shared hosting with cpanel before, now I use VPS.

You need to configure your server firewall accordingly. You’ll have to talk to your host about that.

Another thing you could try is to configure

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