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I have app traffic I need to block from our website so far I’m unable to do this ?

what is the best way to block these ?

Firewall Rules are good at blocking specific traffic. I don’t know where you’re seeing that data, but you can configure a rule to block based upon User Agent String or Referrer, among other things.

thanks for the reply,

We have had a traffic expert go over our traffic, I have tried many ways to block these but no luck
using mobile rules and User Agents

I’m curious how did you get this information? You may explain it in detail, e.g. based on what HTTP header?

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Hi Thanks We had a traffic data guy use his stats tracking codes to find this, I understand it’s not the full info needed for Us to make rules I’m guessing the full HTTP header and app name is what is need to block them ?

The HTTP header is the useful information for us to create rules. Or maybe user agent.


Sharing my experience here:

I’m able to see the app name from the X-Requested-With response header, and this information is logged in our data analytics platform:


So I assume that your traffic expert is looking at this response header?


I’m not 100% sure he has custom software he uses to find invalid traffic, But I need to find out how to block it so far I’m unable to do this as we are new to Cloudflare, We have a business account and right now are blocking countries and that is helping but not enough, Where is your above screen shot taken ?

That screenshot was taken from our own data analytics platform called Kibana - we pulled our own logs and visualize it in this platform. The retrieval of HTTP logs is only available in Enterprise plan.

Perhaps you can try this:

(any(http.request.headers["x-requested-with"][*] == "")) or (any(http.request.headers["x-requested-with"][*] == "")) or (any(http.request.headers["x-requested-with"][*] == "com.facebook.katana"))



That is so good of you to send this rule over it is working so far, We are still lost at why they are hitting our site and what risk they are to our advertisers…I will check out your stats thank you again.


Great to see that. How many traffic has been blocked so far?

Just want to add something here:

Since you are blocking com.facebook.katana, users who try to visit your website via Facebook mobile app may get blocked by your firewall rule. So think twice.

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