Blocking * hosts

I get a lot of trafic from amazon IPs and with PHP I can see that IP hostname is like:

So I tried to trigger a captcha if host contains but it doesn’t seem to match.

( contains “”)

Isn’t that “host” rule what I think it is ?

The host refers to the hostname sent along, which will be your domain.

You will need to block by IP or ASN.

It looks like the amazon IPs I see use AS14618, do you know if this usually contains all EC instances ? Or it is more like an IP class and they have many ASXXXXX ?

That ASN does belong to Amazon. If it is the only one you are getting requests from it should be okay to either block or - maybe better - captcha challenge it.

There is another ASN where I get requests from -> 16509

Yes, I set it to captcha challenge. They make many downloads on the site.
The ~30 recent download abusers I found were using AS14618, I will keep an eye to see different ones showing up (like AS16509).

I added a feature request to block/manage by IP hostname matches:

(Maybe someone that needs this^ would reach this topic).

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