Blocking all countries?

How do I block all countries

except US, UK, CA

Use firewall rules

I get that but you have press every single one which will take forever

With block action try using this

( ne "US") or ( ne "GB") or ( ne "CA")

Check with country code

Yea those are the countries I DONT want to block but I want to block all other countries except those

Try this. It blocks NOT those countries IF it’s not a Known Bot (good crawler). You can delete the Known Bot part if you’re ok with blocking Google/Bing/etc. crawls from outside your country list. You’d probably be ok without that check, as most of the bots I like crawl from the US.

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That logic doesn’t work because you can’t be in all three countries at the same time. It should be AND instead of OR. That’s why a country list rule is is easier to manage.

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