Blocking ads with gateway

I have WARP with gateway setup on zero trust, I can see that there are options for DNS blocking etc but I was wondering if it was possible to make an ad-blocking rule so that that’s another base covered. I already have the deceptive ads rule but want to cover all the ads. I do currently have a DNS over HTTPS setup on the devices with but I would prefer it to be in WARP because everything would be included in one app and it has the chance to be faster due to being on Cloudflare’s network

@sohamjain Were you able to find any direct way?

No, the only solution I found was by using WARP and domain blocking lists.

I used this to replicate pi-hole behaviour on WARP and it works quite well. The script handles uploading multiple big lists to a firewall policy it creates.

However I turned it off as the latency for DNS queries was 500ms with a 200K domain list, so we just stick with the pi-hole at home/in the offices. Also wondered if a lot of people do this if it might show up on Cloudflare’s load monitoring :slight_smile:

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