Blocking account

8886bd582fc6ba05 please unblock my account I didn’t do anything why my account was block .

Is that the same account as you are using here?

If not and it’s a different account, can you share the details on a ticket?

Using the account you are using here, can you create an Account ticket and please share your ticket number here. Include the email of the account holder and the name of a website in that account. You can open an Account ticket here,

Im using a different account , here’s my Cloudflare Ray I’d: 8888f3af384ebc4c
And this is my IP:

The site that blocked me is ArenaPlus and BingoPlus

Please help me to recover my account :pray:

This is the link that I was trying to open

You will need to contact those sites. No one at Cloudflare or in the Community can change a customer’s security policies. The site operators are the only ones who can make any updates.

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