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Hi everyone - I am new here in the community, so please correct me if I am doing anything the wrong way :slight_smile:

On my website via Google Analytics I have discovered that the majority of the site visits comes from one particular spambot “”. I probably could just create a filter in Analytics, but I would much rather just block it before entering the page.

The spambot is found when I in Google Analytics look at Acquisition -> Referrals. Here in the column “Source” the spambot is displayed.

I have tried to create a firewall rule where referrer source “” is blocked but that does not help me (I think referral and referrer is not the same).

Is there a way to block this spambot so it does not get access to the site at all?

Thanks a lot in advance.


That’s probably reading the User Agent String. You can block this in Firewall -> Tools for User Agent Blocking, but you’ll need to specific User Agent String it’s using.

You can also check its IP address(es) and block on that if it’s pretty specific.

Thanks a lot sdayman. I am sorry for bothering you, but I am a bit unsure how to do this.

You say that I need the specific User Agent String - can you point me in the right direction on how to get this? Can I do so from Google Analytics or do I need something else to see this info?

Thanks in advance.


Those are in all likelyhood not real visits, but just ghost visits, a plague that’s been affecting GA for a while now. You’ll find many blog posts on how to deal with it if you google

google analytcs remove ghost spam
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