Blocking A Spam Sender To My Custom Email

I made a custom email address with Cloudflare, my issue is that I keep on getting spam mail from a spam sender. How do I block the sender that is sending spam mail? I don’t want shut down the custom email address.


This seems to be automatic:

As always, you can probably block specific addresses and domains in your email client, as opposed to the server (Cloudflare). Or you could even block the addresses and domains from your destination address (i.e. the address Cloudflare forwards your mail to)

Thanks! But, is there a way I can block the sender from the server side? ie. Cloudflare?

Doesn’t look like it. As I say, if you are forwarding mail to another email you have e.g.,, etc., you should be able to block senders on there as well - that is your best option here.