Blocking a major eSIM provider

We are a eSIM reseller and we just found that the DNS is blocking the ability to add an eSIM ( digital SIM card ) to an iOS device.

With Cloudflare DNS active on iOS, the devices will throw an “Unable to Complete Cellular Plan Change” error. Turning off Clouldflare allows the eSIM data plan to be added normally.

The eSIM provider LPA is :

That hostname doesn’t seem to resolve:

‘www’ looks to resolve, though. Unfortunately, it looks like your “WORLD-LEADING INFORMATION SECURITY PRODUCT AND SERVICE PROVIDER” website doesn’t support secure HTTPS communication.

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Hi, It’s an LPA server only meant for delivering the SIM profile to the device, the specific provider we are testing is -

They likely use a subdomain for each of their customers.

On further checking on my device, eSIM adding is working with the DNS, but not with the Warp+ enabled.

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