Blocked words in domain names

I’m creating a web app to import [thing]s from various services into one list with further management options. A lot of code for it is already done under the name “[things] – Fully Merged List”, with the acronym “things-fml”. Yes, I know the other meaning of FML, but it’s partly on purpose.

So I thought I’ll register the domain for it through Cloudflare Registrar, but apparently, “fml” is a blocked word, because when I try searching for domains “thing-fml”, all domains in the list are “thingoomph”. Why? What can I do? Other registrars don’t do this…

I suspect your domain is already on Cloudflare, so you should be able to open a support ticket to ask if they can help. Otherwise, you’ll have to go with another registrar.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

@sdayman What do you mean, “is on cloudflare”? All other registrars show as available. The only related thing already on cloudflare is that I have domain “tunneled” to the actual server of the app.

It’s just that cloudflare doesn’t seem to like the “-fml” part. It happens no matter what random string I put in front of it. Also it doesn’t happen when I remove the dash, as it gets merged into one word and Cloudflare doesn’t catch it. Try it yourself on the register page

Cloudflare registrar is for domains already added to your general Cloudflare account. So it should be easy to open a support ticket for that domain.

I apologize, but I don’t think I understand correctly.

Does it mean that users need to open a support ticket for every domain they want to register? But why does it offer me the other variants, that I don’t have added either, then?

Here is a screenshot to demonstrate my issue:

I’m sorry, I forgot that Registrar is also for new domains and didn’t quite think about your situation.

You’ll still need to contact support. It may ask you to select a domain name that you already have, so just pick anything so you can open a ticket. They’ll figure it out. Let them know specifically which domain(s) you want to register.

Ok, I will. Thanks for your help, I’ll report here what they come up with in case it might help anyone in the future

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Ok, so after some discussion and the support assistant “checking on the behaviour with the Registrar team”, the Registrar interface changed and I’m currently unable to register a new domain. The support replied that as this is a Beta feature, “there is no announcement with more details”, and “this feature has been restricted to paying users only”