Blocked with no contact info... f logic

Dear Cloudflare,

No idea why I bother, but here it goes…

While trying to access a website, I’m greeted with a “Sorry, you have been blocked” message.
But wait, that’s not the issue.
You see, at the bottom of the page, there’s some additional info, including “What can I do to resolve this?”, which tells me to “email the site owner to let them know you were blocked”.

Now let’s pause for a moment. It’s 2023. The amount of websites that list a contact email are zero or very close to zero. Best example is yours, for which I had to create an account to report this issue (and even then you ended up forcing me to use your Community, which makes no sense). Most sites use some kind of contact form, which, you guessed it, I can’t access due to you blocking me from the target website entirely.
But let’s assume the website does list a contact email: how am I supposed to see it, if you’re BLOCKING ME FROM ACCESSING IT?!?!

Seriously, it’s like companies don’t even think or use logic anymore.

Anyway, you may want to implement a new brilliant feature that allows your customer to include a contact email or contact form for when their customers are blocked by your service. You know, so that your customers don’t lose clients.
Just a thought; I’m not a company nor do I own one, so what do I know.

A pissed off customer of a customer of yours.

I know. It’s somewhat of a catch-22. For Cloudflare’s customers, customer support is described here:

For those block pages, Cloudflare provides the default block page, and it’s up to the site owner to decide how they want to handle that beyond the default block page. Site owners who choose to address the issue can set up a Custom Error Page that may have contact info:

Block pages are very much like a padlock site owner can use, like the gate in my neighborhood to get into the park. If it’s locked, I don’t call up Master locks. The city has posted a sign with a phone number to call. Cloudflare’s choice for the default block page is to either say nothing, which will just lead to more end users trying to contact the lock company (Cloudflare) to complain, or provide a basic suggestion on how to contact the site owner. Maybe it’d be more helpful if that page suggested more than just email, but social media, as well.

So, I suggest you try reaching out to the site owner via social media. Or maybe they just don’t want to hear from their customers.

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The logic of no contact info on the blocked page is sound - the site has blocked access to IP’s / ASN’s / VPN’s & Proxies / Countries / Continents / paths / folders / etc., if a site were to add an email address to the blocked pages they would just get spammed and bots would appear to harvest email addresses from the block pages

The whole point of blocking is that the site doesn’t want to hear from the person / bot that was blocked

The real issue is that almost no-one actually reads the blocked page text and just contacts Cloudflare instead of the site - the default page could do with making this clearer


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