Blocked? Why?!

Earlier today I tried to open the webpage for the game Path of Exile (, from my bookmark tab on firefox. I was blocked by cloudflare and id like to know why so i can resolve it.

Cloudflare is not the site owner of pathofexile. You’ll have to reach to the actual site owner to find out why they’ve configured Cloudflare to block you.


Their response was get ahold of cloudflare and ask them what happened to get you blocked.

That’s like me shrugging and telling you I don’t know why the padlock on my door blocked you, and to tell you to ask the lock manufacturer.


If that’s all they said, then they are wrong.

Cloudflare would not tell you why you were blocked on a customer website as that information is private to the website owner.

Cloudflare provides services to websites to allow them to block whoever they want, as well as the tools to find in logs why someone was blocked. The website owner has all the power in their hands to find out why it happened. If they have further questions then as the owner of that information they should be the ones contacting Cloudflare, not the end visitor. If they don’t realise that then that’s unfortunate but there is still nothing that Cloudflare nor anyone here can do about it.

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Their tech support has told me that there are no restrictions on my account, or pending actions against me. Yet, I am unable to view the website…from any of the computers in my home; nor from my phone. Disabling my vpn or trying to whit list the website doesnt look solve the issue either. it appears to me that im blocked from viewing this site and i cannot find a reason why. Im not trying to place blame, im trying to figure out why im suddenly blocked from a site im on frequently.

It sounds like they’re looking in the wrong place (the site itself), rather than in their Cloudflare account.

If you provide them the RayID from the block screen they should be able to find it in Firewall Events:

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good idea ill try that thanks


The websites support has be able to verify that there are no restrictions on either my account or my IP address on their end that would prevent me from viewing the website and they dont know why im being blocked by cloudflare. So what do i do in this situation? Cause if the it department for the website is telling me that there’s no reason i should be getting blocked; my next question is is this an issue with cloudflare and my internet provider and how do i resolve this?

“On their end” is the key here.

If we make the example that you’re from Asia.

As Path of Exile in this example may have seen a lot of hostile traffic from Asia in the recent days, they may have been setting up restrictions, so that all users from Asia are being blocked using Cloudflare.

Path of Exile will never see that on their own systems, as it is blocked before it reaches their systems.

The technical department of Path of Exile will therefore need to research that, as mentioned above, by checking the Security Events page, within their Cloudflare account.

They may need to escalate the issue to a higher technical department, as it could go beyond what the Support team has access to dig in to.

If Path of Exile (the website owner) are not helpful in assisting you with figuring out the problem, the only alternative you have, will be to find another website to use.


Im in the US, and this is the website for a videogame, I can still play the game but cannot interact with it in anyway the requires me to access my account through the website. So i cannot find a different site.

Im merely trying to find out how to resolve this.

It’s going to take some effort on the part of Path of Exile. If they need help figuring it out, have them open a Support ticket, and include your RayID.

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I would recommend that you try a few things yourself if GGG’s support isn’t helpful.

Try to connect from your phone, both via mobile connection and Wifi (no VPN).

Try a different browser on your PC.

Disable your VPN, and maybe try a different VPN if that alone doesn’t help.

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I have the same exact problem.
They checked my IPv4, I gave the Ray ID and nothing… all redirecting me to your customer services.

They should know better than to do that. That would amount to letting Cloudflare snoop through the Path of Exile account because one of PoE’s users asked to.

What’s Cloudflare supposed to do? Let any of PoE’s customers know what firewall rules PoE has in place and how to circumvent them?

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