Blocked when saving PHP


One of my web admins is getting the ‘blocked by cloudlfare’ message when trying to save some PHP to part of our website domain. He’s suggesting that making him an Admin on Cloudflare will get round this but not sure why that would help?

Is there another setting or a rule that needs to be set somewhere to allow a specific user to save PHP on a Cloudlfare protected domain?


You should see the Blocking event if you look at the Firewall → Overview page, and scroll through the Events Log at the bottom. If you know their IP address, it’ll be pretty easy to find. Click on the event and it will show you the rule that triggered. I’m not surprised it’s blocked, as that’s a request that would send PHP code to the server, which can often be seen as an attempted hack.

An easy solution would be to just Allow List their IP address in Firewall → Tools.

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