Blocked website

My website is being blocked by Netgear Armor- i need help to fix this issue.

New Site!

Are you using a Bitdefender?

Furthermore, even my Eset / Malwarebytes throw the same warning:

May I ask what have you tried already?
Seems you would have to fix this at the origin host / server firstly.

I believe so-not sure

I did not originally set this site up had a Freelancer. But he cannot fix

If that is the case, I am really sorry to hear that, but also I am afraid you could be out of a luck here as far as no-one can access your hosting account and do the needed steps to clear malicious (if so) Website, or a Website sending SPAM, or a Website which contains some JavaScript malware, etc.

There are known procedures and steps for it.

I need some expertise?

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