Blocked URL

Hi, I have been blocked on and would like this to now be unblocked.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 8775f2edd88e891e


You will have to contact Bet365 directly as in the message you were given as they set the rules for access to their site, not Cloudflare. Pass them the ray ID so they can check.

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They emailed me to confirm the below.

“Thank you for contacting bet365 today in relation to you not being able to access our website. I can only but imagine that this will be concerning. Rest assured, I will happily take a look into this for you.

I have taken a look into your account and I can see that you are encountering a technical issue. Unfortunately, due to the issue that you are experiencing, this is not something that we here at bet365 are able to resolve as this is external to ourselves. I can fully appreciate that this may not be what you wish to hear. However, unfortunately there is nothing further that I can advise.”

Can you show a screenshot of the error you receive? It seems bet365 don’t use Cloudflare on their main site, so maybe the error is from the network you are currently connected to that may be using Cloudflare.

Seems they do use Cloudflare then. In which case any block is down to them and the answer you got from them doesn’t make sense.

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I don’t understand how this would be a bet365 issue if there is a cloud fare ID reference number?

Surely this must be able to be resolved by the Cloudflare team? I have outstanding credit on the account and Bet365 have advised that they are unable to resolve this issue.

I live in the UK and tried to access the website via the US last week which is possibly why the account has been blocked.

Cloudflare’s customers use Cloudflare’s security tools to protect and control access to their websites. The configuration of those tools is set by the customers, not Cloudflare. Cloudflare cannot change a customer’s settings.

The message, as you’ve shown in the screenshot, states that to resolve this you need to contact the site owner.

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Can you confirm that Bet365 is a customer of Cloudflare as they have not yet confirmed this and advised that they are unable to offer any additional information/ service.

Can you advise if the Cloudflare ID is visible on your end as surely this can be resolved within your team?

You wouldn’t be shown the block page that you shared if Bet365 wasn’t using Cloudflare.

As previously stated, no one at Cloudflare or in the Community can assist you with this matter. Your only recourse is through Bet365.

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