Blocked Traffic

Good day

Please assist I have integrated with a shipping platform on my website but it seems cloudflare could be blocking the API requests to my website, how do I fix this? I know the source IP for the API push and get how do I configure it in cloudflare so that it does not get blocked. My website is proxied via cloudflare.

I have a woocomerce store and I have created a read/write API key for the shipping Platform however they get an error 405 when trying to put/get

You can allowlist the IP addresses in the IP Access Rules, or put exceptions in the WAF.

However the screenshots you have posted, if they are from Woocommerce showing what happens when they try to connect to your site, contain headers from your origin which would indicate they are passing though Cloudflare and being rejected at your origin.

If you have allowlisted their IPs on your origin, you will need to ensure you restore visitor IPs so your server sees the client IP addresses instead of Cloudflare ones.

thank you, the screenshot is from the app trying to update my woocommerce

This has not worked, I have added the origin IP to the IP Access rules and still the API will not run