Blocked requests

I’m working on a webapp and have noticed that some requests are getting blocked. This occurs in a few different scenarios.

  1. One example is a I have an Ajax enabled search which works well, but if I leave the web app sitting for a period of time (not sure how long this is yet, but perhaps 15 min) when I come back and search the apps Ajax requests will be blocked. Reloading the page will enable them to work. The app itself is fine, has authentication, but the requests is being blocked across the network.

  2. Another example is logging in, it looks like the data on the beta site may have been slow, however have spent some time going through everything and its all fine - nice fast queries even when not cached. But when logging in I also received a blocked request - this increases the login time from what should be a fast round trip (300ms) to about 18 seconds.

I expect this is something on Cloudflare Security. Does anyone know what would be likely causing this, and how to ensure this doesn’t occur.


hello @NateWon in your firewall → firewall analytics, you should be able to get the requests that were blocked and then use the firewall page rules to whitelist them from the Cloudflare firewall

Let me know if you are still experiencing issues after that so we can have a closer look.

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Thanks, Ill check that out further

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