Blocked on Bing

My site has been blocked on bing for Spamming, however i have no issues with google and have done countless scans and SEO reviews and there is nothing that would cause my site to be banned.or blocked.

My site is a personal portfolio of 3D art that I create and it uses the latest version of Wordpress plus a custom VideoRev Theme used by thousands of other sites.

I have been working with Bing Webmaster Support for months now and all they can tell me is my site is blocked for spamming at the site level (i dont send out emails and dont use link farming).

I have a lot of educational visitors, who use Windows in schools, and since I have been banned students are unable to access my site via their browsers as if you type ‘’ into bing it comes up with alternate recommendations.

I found this thread and it seems its happening to a lot of cloudflare based sites

Any help would be much appreciated as Bing Webmaster Support consists of customer support people with no technical knowledge who do not give any reasons for why a site may have been blocked or banned and hints or advice on how to address any issues.

I am at a loss, after two months, as to why they have done this other than the feedback in the thread above about cloudflare accounts and am ready to move all my free and paid sites away from cloudflare.

help please a lot of sites are experiencing this issue any help would be appreciated

Not a surprise since so many people use Cloudflare. But you forgot to mention that it’s also happening to a lot of non-Cloudflare sites (from the article you linked to):

But it seems like the issue is not limited to Cloudflare users only. It affected many webmasters who don’t have Cloudflare active on their website.

Without some detective work on Bing, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can suggest as it doesn’t seem to be due to Cloudflare.

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