Blocked IPs

I am coming at this from the opposite Direction. I am an ISP that has a website that is Blocking over 1000’s of our ip addresses and it states that this is a Cloudflare error. I am not sure that I am in the right area but I am needing to find out how to get this resolved. Any advise it very appreciated.

Cloudflare provides tools to website owners to secure their websites. If a website owner has decided to block an IP range on your network or your ASN, that’s a decision by the operator. I suppose it’s also possible that the IP reputation of IP addresses on your network could be bad due to malicious behavior / malware which could influence policies based on IP reputation (security level) but typically that results in a captcha vs. a block.

If the page looks like the one in the link below it’s almost certainly a decision by the website operator so your customer(s) would need to contact them.


The page that is presented is:

Web server is returning an unknown error Error code 520

Visit [Cloudflare dot com] for more information.

It says nothing about blocking just that there is a server error. But if I use another network it works so that is why I assumed it was a IP address issue. Website owner (the state of Indiana) has no clue what is going on. they do not know how to look at it from their end.

That would be an issue between Cloudflare and the origin, nothing to do with your network. Resolution of that issue would fall to the customer, perhaps with the assistance of Cloudflare but :person_shrugging:

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