Blocked IP with no reason

I am trying to access a WEB site that is under your security and it won’t let me. The funny thing is that I had gone in weeks ago to see it and then I didn’t go in anymore. The last time I entered was from my cell phone 4 days ago since I did not have electricity or internet service. Now I try to log in from my PC and it gives me a blocking error.

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You will need to contact the site operator. They are the only ones who can adjust their configuration.

While visiting a site protected by Cloudflare, error 1020 “Access denied (Error: 1020)” indicates you’ve violated a Firewall Rule. When this happens, you’ll see the error “Access Denied (Error: 1020)” and your request was blocked by the filter based Firewall rule on the site. If you’re the site owner, you can find the requests that was blocked by the Firewall on the Firewall page under the Events menu. See this CommunityTip for suggestions to avoid this error,

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