Blocked ip in Russia

Hello, this ip was blocked by the RKN in Russia, how can I resolve the issue?
Why do not you have a dedicated IP or change it for money?
Does RKN ask you to block a specific site?
Why does it come to blocking a whole pool of sites?
Paying 200 for the ability to affect ip is very expensive. 20 is generally a reasonable price.

Please use the search, that topic comes up quite often. There is not much you can do, you can try adding your domain to another Cloudflare account and hope to get IP addresses which are not blocked.

There are still additional questions. Maybe this will be the motivation to make additional paid services, as an option.

I am afraid Cloudflare does not currently offer any of what you asked.

Again the story repeats itself. How much can you suffer because of you? Why can’t you negotiate normally with RKN?

Why provide services in my country if you do not want to work according to our laws?

As far as I can tell Cloudflare does comply with Russian law, otherwise they probably couldnt be operational in two datacentres. If Russian ISPs block certain IP addresses this is up to them. In your case it might be best to move your domain off of Cloudflare. There really is not more to say I am afraid.