Blocked IP for clueless gamer

Hi I’m new and know practically nothing about computers. I’m trying to understand if the reason why my IP is blocked on cloudflare. I’m a gamer and just trying to get into the website escapefromtarkov dot com
I can’t log into the game either. Not sure if it’s a location thing since I moved to South America from North America recently, or if it’s got something to do with the IP address I’ve been assigned by my isp. I have contacted support from the game, and they haven’t responded in over 2 weeks. I was hoping to see if there would be some other resolution here.

In short, you need to contact the site owner. Cloudflare does not control these security settings.

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Thank you I’ll just have to continue being patient then.

Maybe try their forum or send them an email to [email protected].

Provide them with your IP address and ask if they can check their Cloudflare account for blocked requests. But only they can fix that, not Cloudflare.

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