Blocked google yandexbot +ssl issue

Gentleman Help me please! I have two critical issues.

  1. Check pls here httpstatus io/ how like Googlebot abd Yandex bot *screenshot “httpstatus1” all versions

www komsomolka. work
komsomolka. work
www. komsomolka. works
komsomolka. work

And I have a report for GoogleBots and YandexBots. My site close (403) check screenshot “httpstatus2” please.

This is a top critical issue. Can you pls help me fix it?

  1. Im not sure but I think have to many active SSL certificates. Can you pls

Im now deactivate all plugins but site steel blocked google bot and yandex bot.

Im subscribe on all your features (APO, images, universal ssl etc) for have fast speed fast upload, but have slow site and blocked for Google and Yandex( Help pls((

Sorry for my poor English.

Best Regards

Hello there,

It doesn’t seem to be there’s any error.

There’s no issue I see. You can check that here:

It also appears to be you are using Cloudflare. However, your host ips are not proxied :orange:

Hello Neiljay!

Thanks for reply.

Yes, now ok, because now sites on pause in Cloudflare.

This is not many?
https:// i.imgur. com/5BfKHzD.jpg

How to fixed this is?

In the DNS management, keep your host ips :orange:

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