Blocked from using a website after accidentally clicking a phishing link

I was on a website on a phone browser, when my thumb hit one of the fishy links. I immediately closed the tab. Afterwards, whenever I try to view the content of that website it says the message:

“This video has been restricted. Streaming video from Cloudflare’s basic service is a violation of the Terms of Service. If you are the webmaster, please file a support ticket to learn more.”

The same message pops up on my PC, so I suspect it’s an IP-ban. What do I do here?


The message is likely to be unrelated to the phishing attempt.

Given the number of similar reports recently I suspect Cloudflare have implemented measures to enforce their terms of service when a website is serving video or images through Cloudflare in violation of the standard Cloudflare terms of service.

Contact the webmaster to see if they are implementing a fix.


so do I. I was just reading some manga and then it just happened .its on manganelo too. i checked mangakakalot and it has the same prob


I was on the same website and the same thing happened to me

YES BRO the same thing happend to me im so lost on why its happening…

It’s not just manganelo, other websites are getting targeted as well. I was in the middle of reading noblesse, then that error popped up.

I got it too man I hope it’s just an accidental bug but really hope we can fix it !

Hi there,

Pretty new here so not sure where to go. I’ve started receiving cloudflare notifications on a lot of sites I use. They warn me about streaming video. However, there is no video playing. Only novels or manga. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I’ve only recently started using Cloudflare and just recently started getting the same message. As to what I was doing, I was just about to read manga when I suddenly got said message

I would appreciate it greatly if someone could help with this problem.

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Same, I was just about to continue reading at manganelo, then it was suddenly restricted. What did I even do?

It’s showing the same messaging on serval other manga sites as well… I’ve just made an account with cloudflare to try and work out what is going on?

Yes this happens to me to while readind manga on tachyomi app

I tried using vpn, it worked btw. Hope it helps.

Can I ask for which vpn you used?

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What I am gathering from most peoples commenting on here, myself included. The context we are accessing on our devices isn’t a video, it is images? Manga or novel related.


That is correct good sir

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Yes you are right, there were no video content at all.

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It didn’t worked with me though

Just download Opera, it has a built-in vpn. Or just use any vpn.


I don’t know what to do i was just reading a manga