Blocked from Dogpile

Cloudflare blocked me from accessing Dogpile after searching for some fan art? I swear i was not launching an attack from my phone as charged lol. I wouldn’t know how.
The message says to “email the admin”. Of course, there is no such email.
Hoping this can help.

Not sure i should even post my IP but here it is

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

No one at Cloudflare or in the Community can see why you were blocked or make changes to a customer’s settings. You will need to find a way to ask Dogpile for assistance like the block message directed.

Can you provide an email for Dogpile?
Since I’m blocked, I can’t go to their site. No search has been able to provide any.

Until your post today, I had no idea that Dogpile still existed. Their Contact Us page pulls up their parent company System1. They have a web form and some social media links, but no email.

Their Facebook
Their LinkedIn


Its a fantastic SE. You get great results since its a meta SE. Just scroll past the paid results (clearly marked,) and the real results are below. Critics mark them down for the “simple” layout but i find it exactly what i want. Just a list of results and no spam.

Ty for the response. Ill try those outlets, looks like I’m f-ed lol as I doubt they’ll look as those. I honestly have no idea what a search for fan art could have done. I might try changing my IP.

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I remember it from the 90s back when I was using Lycos. I just didnt realize that Dogpile had survived the dot com implosion at the turn of the century. I am pleased to hear the it has been working for you and and I am sorry that something about your connection is triggering a block to a site that it sounds like you use often.

It is unlikely that the content of any search you made led to the block. If you have access to another IP, that is certainly worth testing. Another browser or even another device would also be good to test with. Disabling adblockers or other browser addons can also have an effect. If you can test with only minimal and specific changes, it can help make it easier to isolate the underlying cause.

I found a Twitter account for Dogpile and another for their parent company. The former appears to not have had any activity since 2015 and I cannot view the System1co profile without logging in to Twitter, so I don’t know how active it is.

I hope you are able to find a way to get it working again.

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