Blocked from Cloudflare RayID

I just received a Block message stating I need to set or or use a Cloudflare Ray ID.

I have searched and I do not see anything about this and now I am blocked from my site.

thanks for any help


suddenly, i cannot make changes to my CMS static blocks in magento.

Says blocked by cloudflare.

Cloudflare Ray ID:

I see no instructions in the community forums about how to deal with this. I thin their should be easy to follow instructions in the forums as this is clocking us from using our Site!!!

please provide info on how i can configure to access my CMS static blocks on my site.

Very unprofessional not to load up instructions that are easy to access.

quite Dissapointed

here is a shot of the error.

Are you using WAF?
If so, check the activity log under the Firewall section to see if it shows in there what rule triggered your request to get blocked. In the activity log you can filter by RAY id so you can immediately see what rule triggered it.

I’ve had this happen for specific actions in a CMS. Try whitelisting your IP address to the Tools section of the Firewall in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

@arunesh90’s suggestion is a good approach, but I frequently struggle with getting the WAF to cooperate with certain actions…and you might not want to disable that rule for everybody. So I whitelist.