Blocked from accessing ChatGPT

I’m blocked from the chatGPT site and I know why but I haven’t done anything? so I don’t understand.

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same here… can anyone help?

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Answer these questions to help the Community help you with Security questions.

What is the domain name? openai

Have you searched for an answer? just here

Please share your search results url:

When you tested your domain, what were the results?

Describe the issue you are having:

What error message or number are you receiving?
Sorry, you are blocked

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

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Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

What are the steps to reproduce the error:

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

Please attach a screenshot of the error:[Chat GPT - “Sorry, you are blocked” message]

Cloudflare does not block users on its own. It provides the tools and features for Site Owners, in this case, OpenAI, to configure security policies that can result in blocks and such. That is to say, this is OpenAI configuring a rule to block you based on some characteristic, and only they can unblock you. Cloudflare cannot change customer configurations.

The Ray ID you blurred out (which isn’t sensitive) can be used by the Site Owner for them to figure out which rule/option they configured is blocking you. From their forums (Why I got banned from chatgpt - #4 by EricGT - Community - OpenAI Developer Forum), it looks like a lot of users are hitting those. I would bet the at OpenAI misconfigured some security rule on their end (or perhaps purposefully configured, to reduce load or something? Only they would know).


Following. The blockage also started about 20 minutes ago for me, in Canada.


I think this is a larger issue. I’m suddenly blocked myself.


It may be. It will need to be addressed by OpenAI since they configure their site rules.

I encourage you to visit their community to gain more direct engagement.


Hi all, why I got this : you have been blocked
You are unable to access Chatgpt

Please check why i am blocked by Chat GPT

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare cannot tell you why a site has blocked you. Only the site operator will know. You may want to ask in their community.

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i cannot post the query in the forum. kindly assist

good afternoon,
can someone please tell me how can i contact (email address)
auth0 openai com?

thank you in advance,
best reg,

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare does not operate that company. You may want to try their community.

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Thank You ! And thank you for your quick response!
Will Do!

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Please check why i am blocked by Chat GPT

I have had my account for several weeks. Today when I logged into Chat.openai, I received the error message I have been blocked. Help

Amir Mustafa
[email protected]

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community :logodrop:

Cloudflare provides tools for site operators. The site operator determines how they will use those tools. Cloudflare has no control over who a site blocks. You will need to contact the site operator directly to address why they have blocked you.

I am also facing the same issue.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 7e51ada8ca4236d4

Good morning Sir who is the site operator please

Good Morning,

Sorry, i’m not very good with technical terms. The website i’m trying to access is