Blocked for Phishing

Cloudflare has mistakenly block my websites attributing the issue to one of my hosted website plugin that wasn’t updated and classified it as phishing source. I have disabled the plugin and reviewed the domain on my dashboard overview. And the review has not completed over 24 hours now.

How long does it take Cloudflare to complete phishing review and remove websites affected from the list?

Website affected: [Preformatted text](

Thanks for your help.

The community cannot assist with this, you’ll need to follow up with Trust & Safety directly via the email you would have received from them.

Hi @domjh , thanks for responding.

The thing is, I haven’t received any email regarding this issue from Trust & Safety directly as you’ve mention. So where would you advise I get help?

Any portal?

How did you find out about the violation? Usually an email is sent to the account holder.

My website redirects to a phishing page by CloudFalre.

Then, when I checked the website’s dashboard overview, the following message was waiting for me:

" Your domain has content that has been blocked.

Please review the items below that have been blocked as potential Terms of Service violations. Once you have removed the content, or if you believe the block to be in error, you can request that Cloudflare’s Trust & Safety team remove the block."

I have done the review and response have been received from Cloudflare over 24 hours now.

I thought those always came with an email. You might be able to reach them directly at [email protected].

Thank you!

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