Blocked : Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned

Hi, I’ve used for months the winamp forum as I’m designing a skin for this media player.

I have one of the forum page opened permanently in my browser. Today launching my browser and going to publish a new post in the foruml I get the unpleasant :
Error 1014

CNAME Cross-User Banned

displayed in big in the middle of the page.

What that !µ%ù£#@ notification is about ?

If you are not the site owner there’s nothing you can do. It is a configuration error the site owner would need to address.

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Indeed I’m not the site owner, just an user publishing and sharing data/knowledge.
It’s been 2 days the site being off with that 1014 error, I hope someone will do somethong about it ASAP.

Thanks for your insight.

Have you actually reached out to the site owner, your service provider?

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Obviously the site owner has more important matter to attend as nearly 3 days later the site remains unreachable.

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