Blocked countries still visiting my website

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Hello, a few months ago I created a firewall rule to block the countries I don’t want accessing my Wordpress website. However, I’m still seeing visits from those countries in Google analytics and another analytics tool on my site. I even used a really good VPN and Tor to try to access my site from those countries and I was able to enter.

I deleted the rule about a couple months ago then set up a new one but the countries are still visiting my site. Can someone help me figure out the problem please? Thanks.

What’s the website?

Hello, it’s

Would you mind showing us a screenshot of the firewall rules you have configured?

What he said, but remember to censor out any sensitive information


This is from my Google analytics page… I’m seeing a visit from Russia, which I blocked. I didn’t block Sweden or South Africa.

  1. Geolocating is not 100% accurate. If Cloudflare and Google Analytics aren’t using the same Geo database, you’re bound to get some discrepancies.

  2. Your Page Rule would be easier to manage if you use the Country IS IN, then put all your countries in that one option.

  3. You may have a conflicting setting somewhere else that’s letting them through.

  4. Those visits may by bypassing Cloudflare and accessing your site directly by server IP address. That’s why it’s good to firewall all connections that don’t come from IP addresses on the list at


Thanks, I’ll give your recommendations a try and update on the results soon.

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