Is this site blocked until I pay up under the scheme? It stopped working about a week ago.

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It shouldn’t be blocked. What’s the domain?

Website is

I get an Error 521 Web server is down - Cloudflare isn’t blocking it. Is this your site?

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Yes, that’s the one.

The error? Or the site?

I’m inclined not to suspect the site. I have tried two pi4 with a known working back up. Maybe it’s the server but they say no issues.

Could you check whether your DNS record points to the correct IP? If yes, could you try pausing Cloudflare and check if you can access your site over HTTPS?


I just type in the DNS manually and it works. Never had to do this in 11 months. What’ll happen when it changes is anybodies guess.

Glad to hear it works now :slightly_smiling_face: Happy cake day!

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Right, got the IP to update itself and no update on Cloudflare. Where do I set it?

I receive a different error (Error 522: Connection Timed Out)

It is fixed. Sort of, still won’t work unattended.

Loads for me!

(as mentioned above) It loads for me, what are you seeing that’s different from what I’m seeing?