Blocked by Firewall But Not Part of a Rule

We have a Firewall rule setup to block 3 countries outside of the US. One person got an error that they were blocked but looking at the logs, their IPv6 showed they were in the US.


Why were they blocked?

It’s blurred in the shot so I can’t tell, but you could be looking at a Cloudflare IP and not the visitor’s true IP. In that case, they could’ve been blocked for whichever country IP, but you’ll see U.S. because it’s a Cloudflare IP.

You should look in to setting up mod_remoteip if you think you’ll be needed the true IP address of visitors (not just country code for geo blocking).

Some info here:

And the lists of Cloudflare IPs to check against now if you still have the unblurred copy:

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Thank you trischstir. I’ll look into setting up mod_remoteip.

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