Blocked by cloudflare

I am just a normal person using my computer to access sights I have previously accessed but now Nearly all produce a message “Blocked by Cloudflare” I have joined to get help to resolve this problem because I have not had any help from Cloudflare support. Please can anyone tell me how i can get my ip address cleared by Cloudflare so that I can get back to my daily routine.

Cloudflare is just a service used by many websites. As explained on the page you see, those sites set their own rules that allow, challenge or block visitors so you will need to contact the sites themselves (include the Ray ID so they can look it up) to ask them why you are blocked.

I have got in contact with these sites but they have not done anything to resolve the problem.

Unfortunately only the sites can resolve your issue. No users here, nor Cloudflare, can change the settings a website operator uses.

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